How to Declare Your Love in Your Declaration of Lovie Speech

Now that you’re a Winner, it’s time to work on your Declaration of Lovie. This is your chance to have your acceptance speech heard around the world by fans online and to spread the glory of your exciting Lovie win far and wide.

 Below are five rules and tips for making a big impact with your (short) speech.

You will also find inspiration in our Top 10 Declarations of Lovie that are sure to get your wheels turning.

1. Short and Sweet

When we say short, we mean short. You only get 5-15 seconds to deliver your Declaration of Lovie. If that seems daunting, just remember that less is more. Think about what you want to express and hone your message ahead of time to deliver the most effective speech possible.

2. Spread the “Love”

All Declarations of Lovie must contain the word “love.” Considering you love what you do and you love being honoured for it, that won’t be difficult.

3. Accepting the Award Is…

You will record one speech per winning work. It’s up to you to decide who is best suited to deliver your Declaration of Lovie, whether it’s just one person or a group.

4. Say It with Amour

We at The Lovie Awards are proud to honour winners from all across Europe. We encourage you to deliver your speech in your native language, or the language of your winning work.

5. Have Fun

You’re a winner. You’re excited. Let it show. Want to be funny? Be funny. Want to express your joy in song (of 15-seconds or less)? Go for it. Want to wear a silly hat? Great. This is a unique chance to share your love for your work and team with the world. Be creative, and make it count.

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