For a Better Internet at The Lovie Awards

This crisis increasingly highlights how absolutely vital the Internet is to us all, both personally and professionally. It is our glue right now.
We are seeing incredible projects surfacing daily in all corners of the Internet: work that entertains us, sustains us, helps and advocates for us, educates us, and above all else, that connects us. Below are some of these beautiful examples.
We hope they inspire you and bring you some joy during this time. Of course these are only SOME of all the great things out there; if you’d like to contribute, please email us to share a project, and Tweet us @lovieawards.
Digital Design Calendar from The Design Museum.
The Design Museum’s Digital Design Calendar
In early April 2020, The Design Museum in London launched a 5 to 7-day a week digital programme featuring new content and assets from the past. It aims to bring some design joy to people at home, both from the museum’s website, and particularly on their Instagram TV. From fireside chats with the likes of Stella McCartney, to design projects to try at home with your kids, there is something for everyone.
Twisted’s What’s In Your Fridge? Facebook video series.
Realistic Cooking: Video series from Twisted
Our friends at Jungle Creations launched a series of cooking videos specific to being stuck at home. Forget intimidating gourmet recipes, or needing to know great technique; the chef team from Twisted show how to easily create meals with whatever is in your fridge, those long-life pantry staples you’ve had sitting around, and what to make from a quick corner-store shopping trip.
Stop missing the office with The Sound of Colleagues website.
The Sound of Colleagues
Lovie-winning Swedish agency Familjen launched this beautiful site made in partnership with sound production company Red Pipe, to help fill the silence of working from home without your coworkers surrounding you.
You can customise all the ambient noise you like: the coffee machine, people typing or humming, chatter and music playing in the background. You can find The Sound of Colleagues as a Spotify Playlist, too.
Let your kids drain their energy with these great videos, “P.E. with Joe.” It’s like having a gym teacher right there…
Strategy&’s Insider Podcast
Strategy& is PwC’s global strategy consulting business, and the current season of their podcast, Insider, is all about the future of healthcare especially in light of COVID-19. Host Dr. Thomas Solbach chats with medical ethicist Dr. Christiane Woopen and Dr. Johannes Wimmer, one of Germany’s most popular TV doctors, about the implications this pandemic has on our daily lives more broadly–like how COVID-19 could accelerate digitisation in healthcare (yes, please!).
Quarantine Chat, merging tech with an old-fashioned phone call.
Quarantine Chat
It’s gotten a lot of press, and for good reason. Quarantine Chat, made by, connects isolated people all over the world for an old fashioned phone call, impromptu. And people are loving the serendipitous connection to someone else going through this quarantine experience; it’s a great way to socialise and see things through someone else’s “eyes.”
Hulptroepen formed to help protect frontline workers across The Netherlands.
Dutch agency GRRR teamed up with KLM and Coolblue to get PPE and other urgent supplies to healthcare workers who are NOT at hospitals (like those who work at nursing homes). Hospital staff are first-priority for medical supplies, of course. But there are many more frontline workers in need of protection.
So GRRR launched Hulptroepen (which translates literally to “aid-trooper”), a non-profit organisation coordinating directly with manufacturers in China to get government-approved masks and more into the hands of frontline workers all across The Netherlands.
Genero’s Creative Production Status tracker
Genero’s Global Production Status Map
Genero, a creative platform for in-house marketers, launched the Global Production Status Map, a tool providing up-to-date views of the level of production possible in over 80 markets around the world.
There are four different statuses from post production services like animation, AR and editing (which can easily be done remotely), to live action shoots allowed to happen without restrictions. You can view each country to get more details specific to that region. This is a useful tool to understand what’s possible to make and create during this time.
Rijksmuseum From Home 360-virtual experience.
Rijksmuseum from Home
In only six days, Dutch agencies Q42 & Fabrique designed Rijksmuseum From Home, a 360-degree interactive experience that allows you to explore the collection close-up. Virtual museum tours are not necessarily a new concept, but they’re being reinvented for a time where visiting from home has taken on a deeper meaning.
Good News Movement on Instagram
Good News Movement on Instagram
We could all use more good news than bad, and Good News Movement does a wonderful job sharing just that on Instagram. Stories from all around the world remind us of the resiliency of humanity and that caring for one another matters now more than ever. Follow them to uplift your feed!
Ex-Covid patient platform for Longfonds
Lovie-winning agency OneShoe from Utrecht, made two new projects in direct response to the pandemic. is designed for ex-Covid patients, made in partnership with the Dutch Lung Foundation (Longfonds), to help people with lasting lung issues.
The other, made in just 24 hours, is Beds Monitor App for University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU Hospital). It lets hospitals plan for capacity by tracking availability and occupancy of beds in real-time. No more written schedules on whiteboards, and instead, one central web application. Data is forwarded to the national coordination platform so hospitals across the nation can use it together.
You’re invited to join in our series: please email us to share the projects you’re enjoying, relying on, and discovering, follow us on Twitter @lovieawards to participate in our conversation #ForABetterInternet.