Highlights from the 7th Annual Lovie Awards

Sustainable fashion icon Livia Firth. YouTube Creators for Change fellow Sam Saffold. Father of the webcam Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser. When you get the best of the European Internet under one roof, you know it’s going to be an inspiring evening.
The 7th Annual Lovie Awards, hosted by comedian Aisling Bea, was a night to remember, honouring amazing work from talented online creators and makers from across the continent. Have a look at a few Declaration of Lovie acceptance speeches below, and watch our full highlights reel for even more great moments from the show. Enjoy!
Webcam inventor Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser explains how coffee drives computer research, and gets a little singing help from host Aisling Bea, in his Declaration of Lovie.
Livia Firth, founder and creative director of Eco-Age, accepts her Lovie by declaring her love for social media as a tool for social change. And she poses a Black Friday challenge for the whole Internet: Will you rise to the occasion?
Revaz and Szantner give a shoutout to their “idols” in the room and somehow find a way to work in a quote from Rick & Morty into their Declaration of Lovie.
Agency of the Year N=5 recalls their first love, the Internet (us too, guys, us too), in their Declaration of Lovie. It’s been a few years since their first client, but they’re still just as excited about the online world as they were in 1999.
YouTube creator and fellow Sam Saffold was honoured with this year’s Lovie Creator for Change Award for his impressive work on YouTube promoting diversity online, talking frankly about his struggles with work/life balance, releasing a short film on the platform and much more.
Don’t miss even more great moments in our 7th Annual Lovie Awards highlights reel!