The Lovie Awards

From the thousands of entries submitted during the call for entries, members of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences independently inspect each entry and rate them based on their respective judging criteria. Each entry is evaluated by multiple academy members.
The Lovie Awards accepts entries in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. The Academy is made up of bi-lingual judges who are assigned entries in specific languages to judge. All judges, regardless of assigned language group, are granted access to judge English language work. A proprietary algorithm normalises all entries in foreign languages in accordance with the judging patterns in the English language entries, creating a level playing field across all five language types.
Academy members provide scores for entries based on the appropriate Website, Online Advertising, Internet Video, Mobile & Apps or Social criteria, and eventually cast ballots to determine Shortlisted, Bronze, Silver and Gold winners. Categories may include multiple Gold, Silver or Bronze winners depending on relative scoring. Academy members may not vote in any category in which they have a conflict of interest. Other entries that are worthy of recognition are eligible to receive special commendation from The Academy as Shortlisted work. No more than 20% of entries can receive the Official Shortlisted distinction. Additionally, the online community, through a public vote, will select a People’s Lovie Winner from the nominees in each category. There will be one People’s Lovie winner in each category within Websites, Online Advertising, Internet Video, Mobile & Apps, and Social. For more information regarding Winners, see The Lovie Awards Winner Resource Center.
Description of Executive Academy Members Members of The Academy are visionaries, evangelists and luminaries who have catalysed great achievements on the internet or have demonstrated extraordinary talent in a traditional medium. Academy web experts faithfully represent the past and future of new media; they carry the voice of the industry. The traditional masters possess an understanding of their fields that transcend the new medium. Their minds speak powerfully towards excellence and value within their field — advertising, art, film, science, or sports, for example — online and off.
With all the connection and interconnection online, and because we not only acknowledge excellence, but we associate with it, the potential for conflicts of interest often arises. We take these conflicts very seriously. We do everything in our power to minimise occurrences of conflicts while ensuring that the best work is recognised.
The Lovie Awards and The Academy staff do not select the winners, nor influence the judges in any way. We select a diverse body of judges who we feel is objective, respected and knowledgeable in their category or language. The Shortlisted works and Winners are entirely in the hands of the academy members who select and vote on them through an independent, online process.
Judges may not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest; such situations are closely monitored, depending on both the personal integrity of the judges and various sources of knowledge to police such activity.