New Lovie Awards Categories

The 6th Annual Lovie Awards
As the Internet continues to grow and new technologies emerge, we’re introducing more categories to celebrate the amazing work created for Europe. From Entertainment & Media Streaming in Websites to Humour in Social, read all about this year’s new categories, and the chance to be recognised as the best of the European Internet.
The incredible world of Virtual Reality is mindblowing—to say the least. It allows users to be fully engulfed into other times, places, and cultures. VR provides an enhanced perspective unlike any other that’s come before. VR is breaking the fourth wall, with new incredible experiences launching daily.
We’re looking for Branded + Non-Branded immersive 360-degree experiences, photographed or pre-rendered CGI. Content can be cinematic, interactive, or for a real-time gaming platform.
These are social media accounts dedicated to comedy or the art of laughter. This includes accounts on behalf of publications, content creators, or the accounts of individuals (such as stand-up comedians, satirists, or comedic personalities). Platform agnostic—in Humour, you may enter any and all social media accounts that best exemplify your work.
Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Snapchat—if it’s funny, we want to see it!
We have now added more categories where branded works can compete to win a Lovie. Honours here include Live Experiences, Long-form or Series, Short Form, Viral Video, and Virtual Reality.
We’re now quite familiar with a new type of famous person: The Internet Celebrity. Who is the next danisnotonfire? The newest Zoella? We will honour the best performance by a male or female human, animal, robot or animated character acting as host of any reality, documentary, variety or vlog-type series or episode, for their outstanding performance.
Life has become easier (or more complex depending on who you ask) with connected products and wearables. But which ones are proving to be the ones we can’t live without? Show us the best physical objects or devices that are connected to the Internet, providing real world experiences, knowledge, and information in meaningful ways. This category includes wearables, health care devices, home automation and transportation devices.