The Lovie Awards Winners Showcase

VICE Media promotes nominations in the People’s Lovie Awards
VICE Media encouraged their audience on their website to vote for them in the People’s Lovie Awards and celebrated their Lovie Wins via social media.
For a series or channel, a Lovie Win is a legacy honour–one that a can be used and mentioned in all social and marketing promotion.
Various Lovie Winners promoting their wins.
Winning a Lovie is nothing to be shy about. Winners such as, TocaBoca, and Vanity Fair España were excited to get the word out about their recognition with dedicated pages and posts.
Creating unique content to display a Lovie Win will not only boost your standing among your peers but will increase site traffic and engagement, too.
Vinson TV, Sibylla, and many more also shared their wins with their audiences across the globe.
German online delivery service Kiezkaufhaus proudly displays their Lovie win on their site.
The Internet is our brightest frontier for the arts, sciences, communications and design.
For Kiezkaufhaus, putting a Lovie Awards badge on their homepage was a key way to demonstrate their boundary-pushing work.
A Lovie badge is a certification of excellence on the Internet. Only the best work receives one.
Winners who similarly showed that they are among the top in their industry include Laundrapp, Tesla’s smartwatch apps, and Manchester University.
Good Morning beautifully displays its Lovie Award winning achievements on their site.
When celebrating your accolades, a Lovie Award imprimatur is a proof-of-excellence that can be proudly included among your most prestigious recognitions as Good Morning did, counting it as one of their highest honours.
This copy says you are a standard bearer. The Lovie Award that you share on your About or Achievements section proves it.
Winners who similarly included their Lovie win on their Awards pages include SwiftKey, Sesame App and Foxtons.
Tate Etc. Magazine put its Lovie Award winning achievements in their iTunes description to ensure customers it is among the best apps on the market.
For TATE ETC. Magazine, adding their Lovie achievements to their product description drew the attention of potential customers who could now see that it was among the best apps on the market.
When comparing apps, now, one of the first things new customers will see is that your product is a Lovie Winner. Done deal.
BiBoBox Studio similarly utilised their Lovie win on the Little Star iTunes App page to validate the excellence of their product.
Dutch news site Opinieblad Forum announced its Lovie Win via its award-winning tablet magazine.
Opinieblad Forum announced its Lovie Win by including it on promotional pieces and its iTunes’s page.
One of the first things new customers see is that Opinieblad Forum is a Lovie Winner.
A discerning online shopper will weigh a Lovie win as a positive reason to purchase your product or subscribe to your service.
Various winners share their win on social media.
A Lovie win generates so many clicks, likes, and feels. Increasing awareness about your win via social media propels your work or brand to a newfound level of engagement and awareness.
Winners across categories share their achievements. Lily Cole, ESA’s Rosetta, N=5 and more all took to Twitter to announce their wins and continue to remind fans and customers that they are a Lovie award-winning brand.
Make the most of your Lovie win. See these examples and more in our Winners Showcase PDF.