The Lovie Letters 2017

The Internet’s possibilities for good are endless, and the stories featured in The Lovie Letters demonstrate just that.
The Lovie Letters, presented in partnership with Google, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at work being made for the European Internet that promotes social good. This year we sat down for exclusive video interviews with some of this year’s Lovie Winners who are actively using digital to make the world a better place.
Check out video interviews below with Eco-Age Co-Founder & Creative Director Livia Firth, father of the webcam Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser, The Pool Co-Founder & CEO Sam Baker and YouTube Creators for Change Fellow Sam Saffold.
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We visited the headquarters of Eco-Age in London to catch up with Livia Firth, recipient of the 2017 Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Award. She shared with us her philosophy on how fast fashion has stripped consumers of their power, and how social media can be used to tell the complete story about who creates the world’s clothing.
Watch Livia Firth’s acceptance speech at The 7th Annual Lovies.
Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser is a renowned computer scientist and the 2017 Lovie Lifetime Achievement Winner for his work as one of the fathers of the webcam. He sat down to tell us the story of how a computer research team transformed the need for fresh coffee into the XCoffee client, the world’s first streaming video.
Watch Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser’s acceptance speech at The 7th Annual Lovies.
Sam Baker and her team received the 2017 Bronze and People’s Lovie in Mobile & Websites for rewriting the rules of how media companies become staples in consumers’ lives in an age of swiping and skimming. Here she dives into how women’s love/hate relationship with the Internet served as a foundation for The Pool.
We met with Sam Saffold, a YouTuber/filmmaker and the 2017 Lovie Creator for Change Winner for his channel “SuperSamStuff.” He talks about being inspired by YouTube’s ability to serve as a tool for empathy, the importance of creating an online community and the life lessons he chose to explore with his impressive short film A Welcoming Place. Sam is the second-ever Lovie Creator for Change winner, an honour developed in partnership with YouTube.
Watch Sam Saffold’s acceptance speech at The 7th Annual Lovies.
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